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Simsite Pumps

Simsite is a patented structural composite material offered exclusively by the Sims Pump Valve Company. It is a graphite combination-fiber continuously interwoven reinforced composite with phenolic/epoxy thermoset resin. Simsite is designed using fibers in an interwoven bi-directional or tri-directional weave. Continuous fibers provide the highest strength and flexibility available on the market today. As a heavy-duty structural composite its characteristics can be tailored by our patented process to accommodate the required structural strength of the parts being manufactured.


The Impeller

The impeller, usually the core of each pump will suffer from wear that will affect all parts within the pump casing. Metallic impellers will suffer from corrosion caused by electrolysis in salty sea water.


Additionally, cavitation is another main candidate for rapid deterioration of the pump. After just a few running hours the pump will cease to operate at the best efficiency point.


Once the first damages occur on the impeller it will no longer run true reducing the life­cycle even further. A Simsite impeller will continue to operate at the best efficiency point and is resistant to cavitation and will never corrode in salty water. This will help to reduce the maintenance cycles and the pump will hardly lose any efficiency.

The Benefits

Simsite's key benefits are its corrosion and erosion resistance, its cavitation resistance, its light weight (1/6 the weight of bronze) and it lasts 3-5 times longer than metallics.


For more than 35 years SIMS has been manufacturing Simsite® pumps, impellers, bearings and rings of all sizes that exceed the performance of metallics in salt water and corrosive environments.


Simsite®'s natural lubricity reduces wear on motors, bearings, and rings while providing quiet vibration free operation at a cost that is competitive with bronze.

Futher detailed information regarding all Simsite products is available here...

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