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Reliability, technical expertise

and highest quality standards

are our aspiration - 

Your ships deserve nothing less.

Find a detailed overview of manufacturers we can offer spare parts for


Reliable always in time and ensuring highest quality standards. Find a detailed overview of manufacturers we can offer spare parts for here.

­Individual solutions for problems with pumps

­Your Pump has a highly reduced life­cycle caused by corrosion, cavitation, abrasive fluids, clogging, etc.? Contact us!

­­Mechanical seal refurbishment

­­Mechanical seals will be replaced regularly during overhaul and thus will be on the requirements list quite often. Our reufurbishment program enables us not only to restore your mechanical seal but also enhance it by changing the O­rings and/or the faces to be better suited for its running environment.

­­­Pump casing coating

­­A sea water pump casing tends to form small holes due to favourable conditions for corrosion. The holes will gradually grow and will start to cause leakage. To prevent this we can offer to coat the inside of the pump with a ceramic coating to enhance the life-cycle of your pump.

Communication and navigation

We as the Maritech Marinetechnik GmbH always strive to expand our product range. New partnerships in our network will be able to support you with navigational equipment thanks to their extensive experience in this field. Our support is not limited to certain brands or makers.

­­Direct shipping from Asia

­­We offer to dispatch our spare parts directly from our manufacturer in Busan/ South Korea directly to your agent or any other part of the world to save time, freight and clearance costs.

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